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About Us

At SkyBlue Jet Aviation, we're fueled by a passion for aviation and a commitment to excellence. Born from a love of flight and the thrill of pushing boundaries, our academy has rapidly become a beacon of innovation in pilot training. We specialize in providing rigorous, top-tier aviation training programs, including our acclaimed Cessna Citation Jet Training and our role as a certified Cirrus Training Center.

We take pride in our fleet of well-maintained aircraft and our advanced training simulators. Our dedicated instructors, with their extensive experience and individualized approach, ensure that every SkyBlue graduate is not just a pilot, but a confident ambassador of the skies.

Join us on a journey that begins with a dream and culminates in the mastery of the clouds.


Welcome to SkyBlue — where every flight is a step towards your dreams taking wing.

Our Story

Our Story

From Dreams to Skies: The SkyBlue Odyssey


SkyBlue's genesis is a tale of resilience and passion. It began with our CEO, Tommy Bueno, a child of the skies, inspired by flights with his father. A move from Venezuela, driven by necessity, brought challenges and a fresh start mowing lawns in the U.S. His determination quickly led him from the grass to the clouds, earning a multi-engine instructor license in just 11 months. Juggling entrepreneurship and fatherhood, Tommy's aviation path soared through teaching, accumulating vast flight hours in various jets. With the expertise to retire, he chose instead to fuel SkyBlue's ascent, investing tirelessly to transform it into a pinnacle of aviation training. Here, we don't just teach flying; we inspire legacies.

Meet The Team

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